From patent searching and monitoring, to highly complex IPR analyses, Serviva supplies customised services and products for numerous DAX30 companies and IP departments of other globally active firms.

Serviva’s dedicated offers services for large companies and industrial groups with their own patent departments including patent searches (novelty searchesopposition searches, FTO searches). Serviva searchers utilise efficient software tools to scan extensive, professional, full text patent databases.

The services offered by Serviva in the area of  patent monitoring are characterised by long years of experience, an excellent data pool, and highly efficient software.  We are able to continuously monitor a specific legal status or predefined IPC classes, even when searching through large quantities of IP rights. The obtained results are collated in a flexible manner according to customer-specific specifications and can be presented separately for various company sites or departments.

Serviva has developed unique competencies in preparing complex IP analyses . To properly analyse technology trends or the IPR strategies of competing firms, our teams comprised of scientists, engineers, and economists purposely link the results of patent searches with the relevant economic information. Such analyses tend to generate very extensive data quantities, which we process in graphic form and compactly summarise as reliable statements destined for management and board level actors.

To facilitate the management of inventions, technical IP rights and trademarks, Serviva offers modern software tools such as Patricia  that can be adapted to specific customer needs. We can also perform your data migration tasks for you.

Serviva’s advisory services also focus on improving process flows in the context of IP management or in developing a new  IP strategy .

If you are planning to sell an individual patent, trademark, or partial portfolio, Serviva can help in patent valuation or trademark valuation and marketing IP rights.