Serviva can quickly deliver an independent assessment on the recoverability of patents and trademarks of insolvent companies, and then help in exploiting the IP rights.

Experience shows that the insolvency of a technology firm can result in high demands being put on insolvency administrators in the area of industrial property rights. Particularly patents and trademarks can make up a large portion of a company’s worth. Bad decisions can destroy this value or trigger higher and unnecessary costs.


Serviva has developed a method that quickly and transparently identifies recoverable IP rights (insolvency-related patent and trademark valuation). An appraisal can be rapidly prepared in order to determine whether the recovery of the relevant IP rights is even feasible. Serviva also offers temporary insolvency-related patent management services . For example, we can prepare decision models to preserve patent validity and compile the requisite correspondence for the patent attorneys.


It goes without saying that Serviva can also handle the marketing of insolvency-related of IP rights. In principle, this applies for both individual IP rights, as well as for larger (patent) portfolios. Our performance-based remuneration model reduces the financial risks facing insolvency administrators and creditors to a minimum.