In medium sized companies, as a rule only one person is responsible for patents. For such scenarios, Serviva has developed special solutions to simplify and to further professionalise these daily tasks.

Because often there is simply not enough time in the hectic daily routine, medium sized technology companies can profit greatly from the search options offered by Serviva (novelty searchesopposition searches, FTO searchestrademark searches). For regularly recurring searches such as the monitoring of competitor patient activities or new patent applications in special areas of  technology, we offer low-cost solutions in the sphere of  patent monitoring .

To facilitate the annotating and archiving of the scanned patent documents, Serviva offers the Serviva Patent Searcher a well-engineered software solution that is able to forward information to the responsible company employees in an easy and targeted manner. Serviva can supply docketing software such as Genese  to help manage your company’s own inventions and industrial property rights.

Our patent engineers can provide on-site assistance whenever temporary bottlenecks occur. Whether advising on the development of a new IP strategy or giving practical input for administrative questions: in the context of our  interim management  service, our project managers can come to your company as needed, either on a daily basis for individual projects, or regularly over a longer period ─ they are eager to share their expert know-how with you, so that together, you can further professionalise your IP management systems.

If you plan to sell an individual patent, trademark or partial portfolio, Serviva can help in patent valuation or trademark valuation and marketing IP rights.