Serviva provides support for prestigious law firms, particularly by conducting professional searches and monitoring of patents, as well as administering industrial property rights.

Serviva has at its disposal a large team of engineers and scientists with long years of professional experience, who can conduct professional searches in very different technical fields. These services include novelty searchesopposition searches and FTO searches. The quality of our patent searches is guaranteed through modern software tools and extensive, professional databases with full text translations. For trademark searches , in addition to identity and partial identity searches, phonetic similarities with existing trademarks are also examined. Our searches are characterised by a meticulous documenting of the related procedures and needs-based processing of the search results.

Serviva offers low-cost and flexible solutions for patent monitoring , for instance the monitoring results can be easily forwarded from the patent attorney to his/her own clients via per e-mail. The monitoring results can of course be cleanly and securely separated according to the needs of different clients.

Serviva supports technical IP rights and trademarks management with suitable software solutions (e.g.: Patricia), which in turn improves collaboration with your clients. Furthermore, Serviva supplements this service with tasks usually provided by a patent attorney with proposals, i.e. monetary patent valuation and  patent marketing . Although we offer these services directly to your clients, when implementing valuation and commercialisation projects, however, experience shows that close cooperation with the attending patent attorneys is indeed an advantage.