Professional searches of current state-of-the-art status and an independent appraisals of the economic marketability of newly developed products are playing an increasingly important role for universities and research institutes.

Serviva has at its disposal a large team of engineers and scientists with long years of professional experience, who can conduct professional novelty searches in very different technical fields. In cooperation with our in-house patent marketing specialists  we can offer an independent assessment of the marketing prospects of specific inventions (evaluation).

 For the growing patent portfolios of research institutes and universities, Serviva supplies the  methods and software tools such as Genese or Patricia that greatly facilitate efficient cooperation between the inventors and attending patent attorneys.

Particularly in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, Serviva also supports spin-offs from universities and research institutes (small companies and start-ups). The start-up advisory services programme features several weeks or months of dedicated coaching; regional financing programmes such as ‘Coaching Bonus’ of the Investitionsbank Berlin can also be addressed here.