Serviva offers strategic economic and organisational advisory services with an emphasis on protecting and optimising the economic exploitation of intellectual property.

With the impartial and neutral view of an outsider, we can quickly familiarise ourselves with the underlying technologies and markets, and then offer practical advice and propose solutions in support of our customers. A consideration of the technical and economic aspects required to optimise your cost-benefit ratios plays an especially important role in the context of  IP strategy  consultancy projects. The aim of our advisory services for IP processes is to improve the efficiency and quality of all operating processes pertaining to patent and trademark management.

Expert advice – by entrepreneurs
for entrepreneurs

In providing  advisory services for small and medium sized companies and start-up counselling, in addition to the issue of intellectual property protection we also offer support in financing and developing the company, as well as in marketing your innovative technologies. If needed, we can also support you in preparing and conducting license negotiations.

To improve expertise in the area of IP management, Serviva offers regular  training sessions and workshops,  either at our facilities or those of our customer.

We would like to explicitly state that Serviva does not provide legal consultation services, and that all related questions need to clarified and reviewed by members of the legal profession. 


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