You want to improve your efficiency by optimising your processes?

Good processes positively affect every sphere of a company, provided that they are holistically conceived and consistently implemented according to the size and type of company. However, they are not an end unto themselves. The aim of optimised processes is rather to help your staff work more efficiently, as well as to ensure proper functionality and ability to properly delegate tasks, thereby freeing up time for more important things.

Certain key processes should be formally organised in any company. These include:

  • Invention disclosure process with release and a written procedure if applicable
  • Intellectual property rights registration process
  • Decision-making process concerning international IP rights registrations
  • Decision-making process concerning relinquishing of IP rights


Profit from our comprehensive knowledge of best practices vis-a-vis patenting procedures. Together with you the customer, we analyse the status quo and make well-founded and substantiated optimisation recommendations.


If you are interested in a customized offer or the specific process your company needs is not listed here, please contact us today.

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