IP analyses evaluate enormous amounts of data in order to identify overlying relationships between patent applications and technology/ market trends.

As opposed to classical searches that focus on the contents of individual intellectual property rights, IP analyses aim to identify and to describe the overlying relationships. As for competitor analysis, known companies are carefully analysed in terms of their business relationships and economic key figures; we then establish a connection between this information and the patent applications. Based on the results obtained here, we can draw conclusions with respect to patent strategies, in addition to application and patent-granting trends. On the other hand, the point of departure of a technology field analysis is a specific technology field, for which property rights applications are clustered, and the temporal trends and individual applicants then analysed.

The aim of overview searches in advance of a strategic realignment is to document patenting priorities and technology trends, as well as to identify important firms involved in patenting activities in the respective areas of interest.

We conduct individualised IP analyses based on the detailed requirements of our customers. The obtained results are presented in graphic form at the very least, for example as ‘patent landscapes’. We summarise the most important findings in a compact manner, thereby providing added value, even for managers who are not overly familiar with IP.


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