Before licensing or selling of patents or trademark rights, the question of determining a realistic value of the IP rights arises. An independent assessment by Serviva can provide an answer to this question.

There are numerous motivations and reasons to appraise technologies or patents. Serviva’s experts approach such an evaluation from an independent point of view, taking both economic and technical aspects into account. This task is closely linked with the marketing of IP rights, which often follows an IP evaluation.

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of patents and technologies

We can prepare an  evaluation  to facilitate a rapid and inexpensive qualitative assessment of the marketing opportunities and risks associated with a specific technology and/or the related IP rights. A quantitative or monetary exploitation of patents provides more comprehensive details, the result which is expressed as a numeric value or at the very least as a range of the objective value of the IP rights. The utilised methods can be applied to both individual IP rights, as well as to patent portfolios.

Employee inventor royalties is a special issue in the sphere of patent evaluation, in which the question of appropriate remuneration for a patent applied for by one or more employees arises. Our monetary exploitation of trademark rights feature can provide a realistic assessment of trademark rights.

Special conditions need to be considered when  evaluating industrial property rights in the context of insolvency . In such cases, the broad practical experience of Serviva’s project managers is a great advantage in the exploitation of IP rights .

We would like to explicitly state that Serviva does not provide legal consultation services and can thus not appraise the validity of IP rights. All such issues need to clarified by members of the legal profession.


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