Are the industrial property rights of an insolvent company worth exploiting?

One important issue for technology companies declaring insolvency is: can the company in question retain its intrinsic IP rights such as patents or trademark? We can give you answers to this and further questions, because Serviva is a reliable partner for insolvent companies with industrial property rights!

After a brief examination of the pertinent IP rights, our experts can make the initial assessment of whether or not to evaluate the corresponding IP rights. For the patents and trademarks, certain framework conditions can impact their intrinsic value. However, IP rights do often possess considerable value and should be duly examined in case of insolvency, regardless of whether the company carries on or is sold. Serviva offers you this initial ‘filtering service’ free of charge.

Precisely when larger industrial property rights portfolios are involved, e.g. patents, it is advisable to undertake a two-stage evaluation. In a first step the patents are appraised, i.e. assessed qualitatively and analysed in terms of the related market opportunities and risks. In a second step, the IP rights that have been deemed recoverable are closely valuated, i.e. a monetary valuation.


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