erviva’s patent monitoring service utilises specially developed software to reliably obtain a continuous overview of important patents.

Professional patent management necessitates a close monitoring of your competitors’ property rights applications. Timely information concerning newly published applications or variations is required in order to prepare an appropriate response. We have developed a powerful software tool called  Serviva Patent Observer , an inexpensive, fast, fully electronic system that serves to communicate the results of monitoring searches.

Continuously updated patent application information

If would like to receive regular information for your company or your clients about variations such as patent issuances in a previously defined patent portfolio, Serviva can offer you a reliable and low-cost solution in the area of legal status monitoring.

If you would like to receive information about new patent applications from your competitors or other known applicants, try our applicant monitoring solution. Using key terms and/or selected IPC or CPC classes, we can monitor newly published IP rights in a specific field of technology (IPC class monitoring). These categories can of course be combined in any number of ways.


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